Saturday, January 19, 2013

Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve

For Christmas Eve (as last year), we celebrated it at home just us three. Joema had work on Christmas Eve and he got home pretty late that we had just time for Christmas eve dinner and then went to mass. When we got home, we had Miya open her Christmas gifts.

We went to my parents's home to celebrate Christmas Day. Unfortunately, all our photos are still with my brother so I can't upload them here. 

For New Year’s, as I’ve mentioned we all got sick hahaha. But before that, Miya got to celebrate with her torotot.

And Lolo got her the biggest pizza he can find for Media Noche.

After writing this post, I realized we don't have decent photos of our Christmas 2012 and New Year 2013. Oh my! The truth is on Christmas Eve just after the mass, Joema and I had a petty fight. Good thing we were okay the next day. I hope our family photo in my brother's camera is worth keeping! What a sucky way to spend the holidays, right? Well, not really. True, they were not for the books but life's just like that. It was unfortunate that there were unfortunate events on those dates but everything was good. We were together as a family, we had a home where we were kept warm and safe and we gave and received gifts from our loved ones. 

Maybe next year we can go out of town for the holidays? I'm not sure. We're still creating our traditions as a family. Hopefully, next year will be more awesome! :) 

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