Friday, January 25, 2013

Les Miserables: Not a Film Review

Last Sunday the hubby and I were able to watch Les Miserables. We left Miya with the grannies and went to the cinema. Before watching the movie I've watched all the videos on the official Youtube site of the movie. I also wiki-ed the book. But I was not prepared to see how miserable (duh?) their lives were. Even after going home, I was haunted by the movie. The next morning when I woke up my thought was I am grateful for being born into this life. I thanked God because I was fortunate to have been born into this life. I was not born poor, I was jot born during the war, I was not born to uncaring parents. Instead I was born into a loving family during a time when equality is almost achieved and there is no war in my part of the world. I did not experience extreme poverty and have not (yet) experienced tragedy in my life. I was a bit ashamed to have taken for granted that I am very very fortunate to have been norn in this lifetime, in this country and in this situation. I didn't have to work hard to escape poverty. I just have to work hard to remain afloat and to achieve a certain goal in my life. I am grateful that when I sleep all I really need to be happy are within my arm's reach. The movie reminded me to be grateful and contented with what I already have. Other blessings would be cherry on top.


Anna said...

Shet that bad? Kaya am not rearing to watch it either, the play is one thing pero heavy movies - di ko carry! After feading this, ayoko na talaga to sit thru 3 hrs of that!!!

cris said...

Okay naman yung movie, I loved it actually. Kaya lang yung ending when Jean Valjean died, parang it was such a relief na after all the things he went through he finally found peace. Pinipigil kong humagulgol sa sinehan hahaha. Napaisip talaga ko about how lucky I am.

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