Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Photoshoot for Miya's 2nd Birthday

Miya has had several photoshoots with Reyna already - when Miya was only a few days old, for her baptismal invite, to commemorate her first birthday and then this time for her second birthday. For the commemoration of her birthdays, we usually do it a month before. I'm so grateful I have a talented friend who is patient enough to shoot a restless toddler (or a baby then) and to do this for us for free. Yes free of charge!!!

We went to Parks and Wildlife last 26 December to do the photoshoot. I packed a few outfits for Miya, some fruits and flowers, a picnic blanket. Beforehand, Reyna already showed me her inspiration for the shoot. The photo I used in my previous posts is one of the photos from this shoot. The first part of the shoot was in this bridge on the lagoon. We got there around 10 and before lunch time the sun was shining down on us. Miya became restless because she was tired and hot and hungry. But thankfully, Reyna was still able to capture these beautiful photos of Miya.

More photos after the jump...

For the second part, we transferred to the other side of the lagoon. By the time we went there and before we could set up our props, it started to rain. Good thing the rain only lasted a few minutes and not too heavy, just a few drizzle. While waiting for the rain to stop, Miya had time to rest and I also (breast)fed her. When we laid down the blanket for her "picnic" shoot, we also had her yaya's phone blaring "Nobody" (yes from the Korean pop group) so she could dance along and fed her grapes and tacos all throughout the shoot. You can see in some of the photos that she's eating grapes and holding her yaya's phone hehe.

Yep, she's eating

Holding yaya's phone

Looking smug

Miya: Gusto mo ate?
Haha still munching

My favorite photo
The last one is my favorite. We had it blown up using the Photocraft voucher I bought from DealGrocer. Here's the little girl opening her portrait when the package arrived just in time for her birthday. She got to open it when we got back from our birthday getaway.


Aimee Diego said...

Lovely photos! She is so adorable!

cris said...

Thank you, Aimee!

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