Sunday, January 08, 2012

4th and 5th Day of Christmas

Monday, 26 December, was spent at home while the next day we went to my friend Reyna's house for Miya's photoshoot. But before going there I taught her how to smile, so now when we say "Smile" she gives us this silly smile that looks so awkward. I haven't had the chance to take a picture of it but it's so funny. It's like she's trying to fool you with her smile.

Here are photos from the shoot.

Sneaked in a shot with mommy
She was not able to take her usual afternoon nap so we slept when we got home around 4pm. After waking up, she was full of energy again.

Standing on her own while eating spaghetti
the next day we were scheduled to go to Pansol with our friends so I had to pack. But because the little girl was so likot and kulit, we had to put her inside the bag for her to behave.

Hahaha just kidding! But really we put her there to make her behave but we didn't keep here there. And FYI, it didn't work haha.

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