Thursday, May 23, 2013

DIY Cards with Miya

Wow has it really been that long?!?! I haven’t blogged for a month! My last two posts were more than a month from each other. Ayayayay! I guess so many things has happened that I’ve not had time to blog. Well, I didn’t really had the time and energy to blog about anything, that’s why. I thought I lost my blogging mojo. But now I’m back. And I hope this time I’ll be on a roll hehehe. I haven’t even finished blogging about Miya’s 2nd birthday yet (her celebration with Lolo and Lola). But that’s 4 months back – oh no!

 Anyway, let me start with these DIY projects we did. Since her Dad’s birthday and Mother’s Day was on the same week, we had 2 back-to-back DIY card projects for two consecutive Saturdays. For hubby’s birthday, I asked her to color the card that I pre-made. I made the letterings on the greetings and drew a cake, a gift and some balloons inside the card.

For our gift to Lola on Mother’s Day, to have some variety I had some magazine cut-outs and asked her to paste them. We actually did two cards because she enjoyed pasting the cut-outs so much. She was actually the one who told me which objects to cut out.

Up next: Joema’s birthday
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