Friday, May 24, 2013

Joema's Birthday

We spent Saturday before Joema’s birthday with our friends. Here’s the birthday boy blowing his candle with the help of the little girl.

Our little girl giving her godbrother some love.


The night before hubby’s birthday, Miya and I gave him our birthday card and gift. We were already settled on our bed that night and I kept on asking Joema if he needs to go to the bathroom hahaha. So when he finally did, I got our card and gift and asked Miya to hide under the bed covers. I told her to say “Happy Birthday, Daddy!” when Daddy finds us. Surprise was a success. Joema was so happy seeing her daughter greet him happy birthday. He told me later on that he was so happy seeing Miya’s face when she greeted him. He said the birthday card was enough, he didn’t really expect the gift. See, we’re not really big on gifts (I wish we were hahaha!) so it came as a surprise when we gave him his gift.
Happy birthday, Daddy!

Terno daw sila
The next morning, we both woke up early to hear mass and then we had breakfast at Milky and Sunny. The original plan was have breakfast at Poco Deli but we were at Kapitolyo too early and they were still closed. So we opted to eat breakfast at Milky and Sunny. It was our first time to eat there and I’m glad we weren’t disappointed because their servings were big.

He brought me to the office afterwards and then he went home to celebrate with my inlaws who were able to visit. The next day, we were on our way to Tagaytay. We passed by Paseo de Sta. Rosa first as we were on a mission to buy rubber shoes for the birthday boy. It took us a while to find the Nike Outlet Store there. If you’re going to go outlet shopping there, Nike is at the back of Paseo 4 – waaay, waaay back. It’s near the hospital that you passby if you travel from Tagaytay and then exit via Eton Exit. We first went to the Bench stores in Paseo 4 then went back to Paseo 1, I think, where we saw the first Nike store. After asking around, we went back again to Paseo 4 to Nike Outlet Store. At Bench, I went through the racks of Mothercare and F&X. Miya’s so funny she imitated me going through the racks, going through each of the hangers hahaha. Then when we passed by Crocs, we had her try on some shoes. She was picking the styles and colors she wanted. One style fit her but I didn’t like the color, so I went to a violet-colored one. She started pointing at it and told us, “Gusto ko vio-yet (violet)!” Too bad they didn’t have her size. She kept on insisting she likes the violet ones hahaha. It was the first time we brought her shopping with us and let her choose what she liked so it was a bit of a surprise to us that she had her own preferences now. Although at home she already likes to choose what clothes to wear or what color of shoes she likes.

We then had lunch at the nearby King Bee.


 After lunch, we headed to our final destination, Discovery Country Suites. After checking in, all of us took a bath. It was so hot that day that we had to take a bath after settling in.
Pictorial after ligo hehe

As you can see from the photos above, Miya discovered making faces to the camera. Most of her photos for this trip, she's either looking sideways or pretending to be a zombie. After taking our baths, it was nap time.


I think we woke up just in time for an early dinner. But before eating, we explored their garden. Miya had fun running around their garden and looking at the jacuzzi.

Yes, kunyari daw galit sya.
When she got tired, we went up to Restaurant Verbena for our dinner. Our accommodations included wine and cheese buffet but we didn’t really had a second serving of the wine and cheese. The first serving was just enough. We ordered their surf and turf and a tomato based pasta (forgot the actual names of the dishes). Before our main course arrived, we were given complimentary bread and various pates and spreads. Miya ate so much! She ate most of the bread, grapes and pasta! She was one happy baby after dinner. She was even complaining that her tummy was aching hahaha ang takaw kasi. Both hubby and I were also happy with what we ordered.

Ayaw nya daw tumingin sa camera

Here I am tickling her...ayaw matinag!

Good girl eating her dinner
Our yummy yummy food

Family pic that the baby photobombed!

Here's a nicer one =)

When we got to our room, the pampering was not yet over we were given milk and chocolates (part of our accommodation). We watched Nemo, which we borrowed from hotel, before going to bed. It was Miya’s first time to watch Nemo and she enjoyed it.  

The next day we again went to the garden first before eating. Miya loved the garden. I wish our future home will have big nice garden or yard she can play in.

Funny face again


Another funny face

Breakfast was as yummy as our dinner.

Ayaw na naman ngumiti ng isa dyan

Happy si birthday boy sa dami ng bread
Yummy breakfast
Miya was able to take a nap before we went home. But not before watching Nemo again. On our way home, we passed by Solenad. This time it was Mommy’s turn to buy shoes and Havaianas for Miya and me. Again, Miya chose the style of slippers that she wanted. At first, she wanted blue ones and then she said she liked green – “Gusto ko yung coyoy byu, gusto ko yung coyoy gween.” I had to point her to the Minnie Mouse ones. But first she liked the 101 Dalmatian pair but they didn’t have her size. Good thing I was able to convince here the Minnie Mouse pair was cute as well. She already wore the slippers when we got out of the store.


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