Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pakistan 2013: Going Home

13-14 April 2013
After 5 nights away from my family, it was finally time to headback home. We left the site in the morning and again travelled to the nearest airport by land for two hours. It was already late afternoon by the time we arrived at Islamabad again for our flight back home to Manila. As I've shown you here, we stayed at the client’s own accommodations for guests. It’s very fortunate that they had connections because we were able to bypass all the security checks going inside the airport. I think, we were led to a different lounge area of the airport. The only thing we had to go through was the immigration check. Our hosts checked-in our luggages for us. Here we are lounge area.


Sorry I was really so happy with this top that I bought in Islamabad, hence, the medyo OOTD photo.
This business trip hallmarked my first time away from my husband and family since I had them in my life. I wrote here before my anxiety about this trip. There wasn’t a time during this trip that I didn’t cry after talking to them over the phone. I wasn’t able to access the free wifi at the hotel we stayed at so we weren’t able to facetime as we had planned. My phone bill amounted to P6000 after this. You can just imagine how excited I was to finally head on back home. As with the flight going to Islamabad, the flight back to Manila also had a stop in Bangkok. Was able to roam around the airport for a few minutes before going to the gate.

Finally with these two again!!!

Eating the chocolates I brought back home. Don't they look alike in this photo.
As with anything, there are good things and bad things. I missed them so much but there was still a good thing this trip brought us. They bonded during the time I was away. Miya was finally able to sleep without direct feeding from me. When I got back home she was able to sleep on her own without nursing (will make a separate post on how we sleep trained her). And I guess in a way, I got back on the groove of being me again. Being my own being.


~currant7 said...

may gosh!!! she's a big girl na!
safe trip!!!

cris said...

Yes, she's big na! How are you and your babies?

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