Monday, July 29, 2013

Miya Daldal: I love you, Mommy

Miya has learned to say 'I love you' on her own. Sometimes she says it in the middle of breastfeeding. But most of the times, she says it when she knows she did something wrong. Like tonight, I reprimanded her because she tore the books that her Lola gave her over the weekend. We stood in the corner and I talked to her. She knows I'm sad because of what she did. I've been teaching her to take care of her things because she tends to destroy her things.  So while nursing she told me, "Sorry Mommy. I love you. Di ko na uulitin yung punit ng books." Anak, I love you too. Please grow up to be a good and obedient daughter. :)


~currant7 said...

So cute! Love it when they learn these wonderful phrases that makes your heart melt. I think that's the best present any child can give to a mother. :)

cris said...

Totally agree! :)

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