Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pakistan 2013: Islamabad Airport

11 Arpil 2013

On this day, we didn't really have any meetings set because we were schedule to fly out of Islamabad and go to our project site. Unfortunately, Pakistan's national carrier PIA is known for it's delayed flights. Our flight was supposed to be at lunch time that day but was delayed later that evening. While at the airport, our flight was delayed again. Oh well, Cebu Pacific and PAL prepared me for these conditions :) Our group actually went shopping again that afternoon before heading to the airport. I was able to buy a Pakistan cricket jersey for Joema (he uses it when he's jogging) while my colleagues bought other pasalubong items.

Let me share with you what I saw in their airport.

This was one of the bathroom stalls. Not every stall has this, most have toilet bowls. The last time I saw this was in HK.


They had a crib inside the bathroom for mommies to use when changing baby's diaper.

Departure area for local flights

We arrived very late at our destination. After our flight, we had to travel for 2 hours by land. We all fell asleep during the ride. 

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