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Pakistan 2013: Dinner at Monal Restaurant

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10 April 2013

After our meetings with the client, we were able to go back to the hotel to rest for a bit. I wanted to take a nap before again going out for dinner but I wasn't able to. Must be jet-lagged. We were picked up at the hotel around 5pm. But before going straight to dinner, me and my lady colleagues went to the F-6 market. We went to this handicraft store where they sold everything you can think of that was made in Pakistan - from clothes to home decors to shawls. I was able to buy a few local tops (the embroidered ones) and a shawl. We then went up Margalla Hills again to eat at Monal Restaurant. The gentlement in our group decided to hike going up to the restaurant. We were so glad we didn't come with them hehe.

The view from the restaurant was amazing! And you can just imagine how cold it was since we were almost at the top of the mountain. This was higher than Daman-e-koh.
This was also the first time I was able to try Islamabad's local dishes. For our lunch the day before, we went to a Chinese restaurant and then for lunch that day they ordered Pizza Hut (I know right?). The night before at The Polo Lounge, the food was continental. But really, one of the other things I was worried about for this trip (yes I had many anxieties for this trip) aside from security in the area was the food. I'm not really fond of curry-based food - well, I thought their food was curry-based. Boy, was I so wrong. I loved their food! I just coudn't take how spicy their food was! I wanted to eat more but my I felt that my tongue would explode from my mouth, it felt that it was getting bigger and bigger by the minute because of all the spice!
Here's our whole group with our client.

Panorama shot of the restaurant

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