Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ate Je Leaves Again

It was Ate Je's last day yesterday. She left us, this time around, because she's pregnant. Nothing dramatic has happened, it was actually a smooth transition from her to our new yaya because she agreed to stay with us for another month since the new yaya came. But I guess I wanted to write about her leaving us as an ode to her. I don't know. I was sad when she texted me yesterday that she was about to leave the house (I was still at work). So I told her thank you for taking care of Miya and for her malasakit to our daughter and that she would be a good mother herself. I also told her to just text us when she wants to come back and work. She has been with us since Miya was born. And she left us last year for 3 months but came back again. I was hoping she will stay with us for good but alas Cupid has other plans. She was our partner in raising Miya, although we're the primary caregiver she took on the responsibility as the secondary caregiver to heart. She took care of Miya like she was her own (even though she's not yet a mother then) and I know she loves Miya. She would talk to Miya when she was still a baby and while she was learning to talk and I know that helped Miya a lot in the way she talks now. She's also my partner in breastfeeding Miya. She kept Miya's expressed breasmilk like it was truly liquid gold. She would give the milk to Miya like clockwork when I wasn't around to direct feed her. She's the first person and the only person for a long time who can bottlefeed Miya. She took care of Miya's skin by applying all the lotions and medications for her skin asthma. She would get rattled everytime Miya's temperature will spike more than 37 degrees. She would make Miya drink her daily vitamins, Virlix on days that Miya's itching, cough medicine and oregano whe Miya has cough. She took Miya to school everyday and stayed with her inside the classroom until Miya learned to let her go.

I told her not to let Miya know that she's leaving. Because knowing my daughter, I know for sure that she'll cry and not want to be with her new yaya. So until now Miya doesn't know that Je will not be coming back any time soon. Hopefully, she'll be able to come work for us again in the future.



Aimee Diego said...

Sorry to hear that your yaya is leaving. It's really heart breaking when yayas who are almost like family, have to leave for whatever reason. :-(

cris said...

We were so lucky to have had her as our yaya!

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