Monday, October 14, 2013

Family Day

6 October 2013

We had a very tiring weekend because we celebrated Family Day with Miya’s school. First of all, the family day did not happen in the school’s premises but in San Gregorio Farms in Sta. Maria, Bulacan.

We invited both sets of grandparents to come with us but since it was a Sunday Joema’s father was not able to join us. The first notice we received from Miya’s teacher said that the activity will start at 8am so we thought we had to leave around 6am to get there on time. We knew how far Sta. Maria is from the city since Joema and his family used to live there. So instead of bringing in packed lunch, we decided to place our lunch order with the school. They ordered KFC meals for those who chose to do so. It was also a good thing that the school decided to start the event at a later time – 9:30.

So anyways on Sunday my parents came to our condo and by 8am we all trooped to Bulacan. We picked up my mother-in-law along the way. There were some rerouting in the area going to the farm because of some infrastructure rehabilitation so we got lost going to the venue hehe. But since we were early, we were one of the two families who were the early birds (for which we got a prize yay! Haha!). I think the program started a few minutes after 10am. We were teamed up with the other families in Miya’s level, we were the red team. The school gave out white shirts for all of us and gave us different colored bandannas to distinguish the different teams.

Our little red riding hood

The program started with the kids singing the National Anthem. I was surprised when Miya started singing on stage! Remember the last program we went to when she didn’t even want to stay infront? This time around she sang with all her classmates. I was so proud! Then they said a prayer and sang a few songs. Allow me to share the photos and videos here.

On stage right before the performance of the kids
Singing Lupang Hinirang


To be strong and to lean on...
It was really a proud moment for me and Joema and even the grandparents. I was beaming the whole time!

And then came the cheering competition. I didn’t want to participate at first but her teacher told me to join, so yes I eventually joined. We just recited a few lines of the cheer and then danced! Ahahaha! But since Miya wanted to be carried, I technically didn’t dance with the other Mommies but I was there with them swaying along. No, no videos of that! LOL!
With Mommy practicing our cheer
And then there were more games, which both Joema and I did not participate in. But on the last game they had an Amazing Race kind of game, Joema and I played with the team. As in career! We were always the first in the group to arrive in our stations hahaha! Well it was our way in helping our team. I was actually surprised that Joema agreed to join the Amazing Race and I didn’t have to make pilit for him to join. See, my husband is a shy guy but I guess he’s more dyahe not to participate at all because he’s seen most of the parents joining the games.
Can you spot Joema doing the zipline?

After the games we had lunch and had some free time before the awarding ceremonies.

With Lolo and Lola

In the end, our team was 4th place overall but it didn’t matter because all the kids had prizes. Miya was so happy with all the things she got hehe.

Receiving our early bird award. Miya was so excited to get that tin can. But when she opened it, she said "Asan laman?" LOL Told her she can use it as her lunch box

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