Friday, October 11, 2013

First PTC

30 August 2013

In the afternoon of Miya's Linggo ng Wika program, Joema and I went back to her school to meet with her teacher. Yes, it was our first parent-teacher-conference. We met with the school directress and the head teacher for Nursery. They discussed with us how Miiya is in school. Teacher Rom's first question to us was what were the changes we noticed with Miya since she started school. I started blabbering about how she liked to sing more blah blah blah, I don't really remember now because that time I can't really think of anything haha. Joema came to the rescue when he said that Miya started speaking in English when she started school. Truth be told, we don't really talk to Miya in English. We talk to her in Filipino, that's why when you talk to her she speaks like an adult. Even our expressions like "Hay naku" or "Naku" or "akala ko..." she learned to say hehe. Teacher Rom then discussed her impression of Miya in school and then Teacher Jonah discussed how Miya is during class, she discussed every part of their daily class and how Miya participates in all of them. According to them, the biggest improvement they've seen in Miya was how she has finally came through her separation anxiety with her yaya (Ate Je). During the first month of Miya's schooling, she would cry when she doesn't see her yaya inside the class. But slowly, she learned to let her yaya go. The teachers also noticed how Miya is more comfortable talking to her teachers than to her classmates. Although she interacts with her classmates through play, she doesn't really converses with them like she converses with her teachers. They also noticed that for the first few weeks, she wasn't participating in class but she was observing. It was only later on that she would participate like answering the teachers question or joining in the singing. They noticed that she's very inquisitive. She asks a lot of questions and they are amazed that her questions are related to one another and to the replies that she gets from them. One of the example they sited was this:

Teacher Jonah: Okay, Miya let's stand na.
Miya: Why tayo magsstand, teacher?
Teacher: Kasi we need to sing.
Miya: Why sing? bakit hindi dance?
Teacher: Because we'll dance later.
Miya: What will we sing?

They have so many anecdotes of Miya's behavior in class like how she doesn't want to dance or that she crumples her activity ticket or that she likes to sit beside Ate Janette.

They also remember that Miya likes to answer them with her favorite reply, "Busy ako e." Coz when they ask her to do something and sometimes she doesn't want to, she tells them "Busy ako e." So now really when we're with her, I see them asking her "Busy ka ba, Miya?" LOL

These are only some of the things I remembered during our discussion. Good thing they provided us with a narrative of how Miya is in school. That way, aside from this blogpost I can read that again and remember how Miya is when she first started schooling (in case I forget). The narrative even has some pictures. I'm really happy with Miya's school and teachers. It's a small progressive school. They really know her and she's learning a lot and she enjoys going to school. I remember the first few weeks of school, I was surprised that she's learning so many things  (on Fridays, they are sent home with their homeworks and some of their works in school so I get updated on their lessons every week). Well, considering that my main purpose in sending her to school was to just to use up all her energy and so that the yaya can have some away time from her hehehe.


Dins said...

Nakaka proud naman si Miya! Good Job mommy & daddy! Sana si Aidan din ganyan ang interest when school time comes. I have no idea if we have a school like that in our area. Sana meron.

Anj said...

How adorable! I especially love her line, "Busy ako e!" LOL. I'm happy to hear that Miya's enjoying school! Nothing makes a mom happier than knowing their child is happy. :)

cris said...

Hi Dins! We were lucky there's a nearby progressive school where we live and we were able to try out the school first before enrolling. :)

Hi Anj! Thank you! Yep, we're really glad that school is a happy place for our little girl.

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