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Hong Kong Disneyland 2013 – Day 2

4 November 2013

We started our second day early to have breakfast with Chef Mickey. This is one expensive breakfast buffet but seeing Miya’s face so excited to have her photo taken with Mickey was priceless. By the way, once seated you are given a stub that you need to present so that you can have your photo taken with Mickey. Kami kasi we went straight to Mickey to have our photo taken, hinanapan kami nung stub hahaha.

MIckey even hugged her. Sulit na!

High five, Mickey!

During breakfast. You would think my daughter was all smiles during breakfast. But no, she didn't want to eat the whole time and wanted to go out. Haay! Di namin nasulit yung buffet.
Since Miya didn't want to eat, Joema took her outside after he ate. So I followed them after I finished and had some photo op outside.

We just sat there and made lambing with each other while hubby took the photos. Love these shots!
We went up back to our room to refresh before heading out to the park.

This was taken at the mini-lobby on our floor.
Elevator shot

We missed the Ajeros and de Guzmans.

More photos after the jump...

It started drizzling the moment we got off inside the park. So we rode the train first. It’s not my first time to go to Disneyland but it’s my first time to ride this train. After that, we were able to watch Philharmagic and The Golden Mickey with Miya. As she is more aware now than her first visit, she appreciated the shows more. She got a bit too frightened of Donald Duck from Philharmagic (note to self: no to 3D movies as of the moment) and was excited to see the whole gang and Belle and the Beast at The Golden Mickeys.

I will never get tired of watching this show!
Miya wasn’t able to watch the parade that afternoon because she was asleep for her nap time. It was raining all throughout the parade.

While she napped Joema and I explored the park and rode The Jungle Cruise and went inside The Mystic Manor. 
During the Jungle Cruise

Inside Mystic Manor
After Miya woke up, we took her to have photos with the princesses and the other characters.

Goofy hugged her

Can I just say, Mickey's tent had the worst lighting. I don't why they don't seem to notice. Our photos with Mickey always end up not so good because of the lighting.
Then we got to ride the Tea Cup and see It’s a Small World. Miya had so much fun riding the Tea Cup.

Love this photo!

Yes, it was still raining so we had to use an umbrella. Too bad the umbrella blocked the lights outside It's a Small World in this photo.
The Philippines represent!


Although it was raining the whole afternoon and night that day, I think we were still able to get our money and time’s worth on our first day at the park. We stayed until after the fireworks display. We didn’t get to spend as much time with Fongs and Bernartes for this day because of the erratic moods and schedules of each kid hehehe. Both of their families watched the fireworks from their hotel room. 

Good night! It was a fun first day at Disneyland


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happy happy new year to you!

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Happy new year, Maqui!

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