Saturday, December 28, 2013

Miya's Christmas Party in School

Their school Christmas party was held on a Tuesday, 17 December. I wasn't supposed to go with her as their circular said that parent's attendance is not mandatory. But I felt so guilty letting her go alone with yaya so I used my one and only annual leave left for that day and went with her and yaya. Good thing I did because I was able to see her perform. I'm still amazed at how she has grown this year (in terms of participation in school). From non-performing to performance levels even after a crying fit! More on that later. We arrived at around 12noon at their school. Their school programs never really start on time so we waited for a bit. While waiting, I let Miya stay with her other classmates. I observed that she doesn't really mingle with her classmates (as we were told by her teacher during her assessment for the first semester - I forgot to blog about this!). She just stayed with their teacher assistant while her classmates played with each other. Miya is the youngest and smallest in her class. It took her just a moment to let go of the teacher aide and she was knocked down by her a classmate who was playing round-and-round with the others. Her classmate bumped into her but because she was small she fell to the floor. She cried, my poor baby! She wasn't really hurt but I guess because it happened all too fast and that a lot of people were there, she cried. This was before the program started so I thought she might not want to perform during the presentation.

Look at her eyes :(

But alas, she has really overcome her shyness during presentations! Here are some her videos. The first one was with her class while the second one is with all the students.

After the program, it was exchange gift time (photos after the jump).

Yes, she was already eating ice cream

Giving her gift to her baby

Exchanging gift with a classmate
With another classmate
Meet my daughter, the kid with the low EQ hahaha She opened one gift even before eating

I think she had 3 ice cream cones that afternoon

Finally playing with her other classmates. But she got knocked down again after I took this photo. I think she fell down 3 times in that afternoon.
Weeee!! See how small she is compared to her classmate?
With Mommy
As I've mentioned, I can't believe she has grown so much. We watch her videos from my iPhone and we always get to laugh at how baby and small she was at the start of this year. Next month she will be turning 3 already. My little baby is growing into a fun, adventurous, smart little girl. Sharing here some snippets of her antics:

One night we were playing in bed before going to sleep...

Miya: Mommy, I want to kiss you and hug you (and kisses and licks my face).
Mommy: Okay, that's enough nakikiliti na si Mommy
Miya: But Mommy, I can't help it!

LOL see, we don't really speak to her in English. Most of the English words she know she learned at school or by watching TV. We're proud to say that she can talk in both English and Filipino languages.


On Christmas Day we visited her second cousin (a boy) who's a few months younger than her. When her cousin got her play-doh tub she said, "Don't touch my play-doh!" My mother commented "Si Miya pag nagagalit napapa-English" Nyahahaha

During that visit, we noticed that Miya is the jealous kind. Before, she would get jealous when she sees me carrying other babies. But this time, she was jealous when Joema carried her cousin. When we were about to go home, her cousin cried because he didn't want Joema to leave (because of
their living circumstances, the father of that little boy is not with them). So Joema had to go back to appease the little child. Miya shouted quite angrily, "That's my Daddy!"

Joema asked her to tell her cousin to not cry anymore and that we'll soon return. So she said to the little boy, "Wag ka na cry, we'll be back tomorrow." and then she turned to her Dad and asked "E bat ba sya cry?!?!?!" hahaha!


I was asking my father about this cockroach spray they use in their house because he said it doesn't have chemicals.

Papa: Yan yung ano, ine-endorse ni Winnie Monsod. Ay, hindi si Winnie...Winnie... (can't remember the surname)
Miya: The Pooh!



She had low-grade fever the whole night last night. When I asked her to wake up for her to pee (we're completely off the diaper for a week now woohoo!), she just blurted out "I love you, Mommy!" Awww my heart melted.

One time she even told me, "You're the best!"

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