Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Day in the Life of a Buntis

I have weird cravings for this pregnancy unlike during my first where I had just one! I don't think I have morning sickness but there are times when I feel like naduduwal so I have to have candies. I bought a whole tin can yesterday which I brought to the office. I also brought some of the left over Christmas sweets and Halloween treats we have at home. And then I crave for salty food because I my taste is so bland these days. Yesterday, I almost bought vegetable curry for lunch which I won't usually like because I don't really like curry that much. And then in the afternoon I wanted to have shawarma. For dinner I had southern style fried chicken from S&R and I ate a lot because it was salty! Yikes!

This morning I saw this on my IG feed.

And then I started craving for danggit! I had to google where I can have danggit for lunch. I even had to ask my friends on FB. From Google, I saw that Goto King has it on their menu. Unfortunately when we got to the food court danggit is not available. Boohoo! So we walked around the food court and saw "Cebu Fiesta". Well, danggit is from Cebu right? So they should definitely have it. But no they didn't have it. I wanted to tell them to change their name from Cebu Fiesta to just Fiesta ahahahaha! A friend from FB said Pancake House might be serving danggit. But I can't find it on Pancake House's menu online. So we tried Tapa King. I said if they don't have danggit maybe I'll just have their tapsilog. Lo and behold they have danggit! Yehey! Thank you, Tapa King, for satisfying this buntis's craving!

Ang linis ng plate ko noh?


Anonymous said...

Hi. Just wondering if danggit has bad effects for my baby. Im currently 5weeks pregnant. And im craving for danggit and suka. Is it ok to eat?

cris said...

Hello! I think it's okay to eat danggit, I ate it. But if you're having doubts better check with your OB to appease your apprehensions. :)

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