Monday, February 24, 2014

Our One of A Kind Valentine

This year's Valentine's Day is one-of-a-kind. Simply because on that very special day, I found out I was pregnant!

Although this photo was taken on 20 February, and that stick she's holding was the second pregnancy test I did!
See, I've really been tracking my menstrual period for a few months now. We want to have baby#2 already. I've downloaded this app - Monthly Cycles - where I track my ovulation. So oen day last month after doing the deed (hehe) and saw from the app that it fell right on my most fertile day, I told Joema we could get pregnant. When I was delayed for a week, I told him again. But he said I'm always delayed so I did not take any pregnancy test yet. But last Friday, Valentine's Day, I had a sensation on my breast haha! Yes, I felt the same way when my breasts get full when Miya used to breastfeed.  I said that was it, I want to know if I'm pregnant or not. So that afternoon in the middle of office hours, I went to the drugstore and bought a home pregnancy kit. And then I took the test at the first comfort rooom I saw. When I saw the first two lines, I did not realize it immediately as positive. I thought the lines will come out at the upper part of the kit haha. So I thought it was invalid. I had to double check the package on what was positive, negative and invalid results. Lo and behold, POSITIVE! I was so happy! I couldn't tell anyone right away hahaha!

When Joema picked me up for the night, he handed me thes gorgeous bouquet of roses. If you've been reading this blog, he hasn't given me a bouquet! Sure he gives me a flower or two but that was it. Not a bouquet. I thought it was just so fitting! I immediately gave him the brown paper bag where the pregnancy test was, and greeted him Happy Valentine's Day. When he opened it, he said, "Buntis ka?" I said yes, and we hugged *heehee*. We were supposed to drink together that night (that was the initial plan). But since I got preggers and we already knew, he was the only one who drank that night, I only had iced tea.

We went to a drinking spot near our place which was great because we didn't have to worry about traffic. But the place got so loud, I had to walk out of there even before Joema paid the bill..around 10pm nyahahaha! We're so old!

Had to take a photo for posterity's sake. This was at our condo elevator hehe. Don't I look so happy?
The little girl with Daddy. Feel na feel nya yung bulaklak e akin yun hahaha!
Miya made something in school for us.

I can't believe she can write down those letters on her own!

I hope you had a great Valentine's Day as well! =)


Dins said...

huwaw ate na si Miya! congratulations! i feel giddy too hehe...

cris said...

Thanks so much Dins! We're super excited! :)

PlanetMarsy said...

Inggit! I'm downloading the app now! hahaha :) Have a safe pregnancy Cris :)

cris said...

Thanks so much, Marsy! :) Go go go download that app hehe

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