Friday, February 28, 2014

Where to Stay in Hong Kong: Disney's Hollywood Hotel

As mentioned in previous posts, this is where we stayed on our last visit to HK. We never really ventured outside Disney, only once for a dinner and a little shopping in Tung Chung but that was it. We wanted convenience to the park and that’s what we got. But aside from that, I don’t really think I got my money’s worth.

I booked us a Garden view room (got it for HKD1,520 from their early bird offer, that’s roughly PHP9,120 per night).
The room has two double beds

Sorry I have no photo of clean beds - what with a toddler and my parents in tow

The large Mickey and Minnie plate in between the two beds
In front of the beds is a flat screen TV

To the right of the TV is the bar which holds the coffee, ic bucket and kettle. All other things there like the food, we brought in. That's a good thing about this hotel, they're not strict if you bring in food.  

This is the open cabinet. Shelves on top and then a rod to hang your clothes.

The entryway

Tub and shower area


Mirror in the bath room

Toiletries. The cup on top with the Mickey cover holds some personal necessities like cotton balls, cotton buds, etc. Those two bottles at the bottom are shampoo and liquid bath soap.
This was our view if you look at the far left

ALthough immediately below our window is this
The room was a bit small since there are 4 of us (adults) who stayed there together with a toddler. Maximum number of persons inside is 4 adults which I think sort of made up for the price of the room. But if it were only us - me, Joema and Miya - the price of the room will turn out to be a bit pricey. The room rate does not include daily breakfast. I was not awed by the room itself. If it were for the room alone and for that price, I wouldn't recommend this hotel. But considering that they allow 4 adults inside the room, the convenience to the park, leniency in bringing in food and the wide sprawling lawn at the back of the hotel, I think it was still worth staying here. I would recommend this hotel if you're like us - 4 adults in a group (because atleast the price doesn't end up so pricey if you compare it to other hotels who only accept 2 adults in a room) and wanted to get the Disney feel all throughout or the convenience of the park to the hotel is really a concern for you.

Otherwise, better opt to stay in a hotel in Kowloon or HK island. I do hope they put up new hotels in the Tung Chung area. Atleast from there it’s only a train ride away to and from Disney (and no multiple transfers compared when you book in Kowloon side or HK island). .

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