Thursday, April 03, 2014

An Update

I’ve been MIA for over a month! But it is with valid reason. I was put on bed rest  because I was bleeding starting 5 March, Ash Wednesday. We were finally able to go to our OB for our first check-up on 3 March and saw the baby’s heartbeat. But because of the bleeding I was back the OB’s clinic on 6 March. I was on leave from work for 3 weeks. It was a very miserable time for me. I was so worried about the baby. I couldn’t rest well because my toddler is always asking me to play with her. I couldn’t eat because I don’t have the appetite. As I’ve said I was very miserable at that time. I don’t want to blog about the details anymore as I don’t want to have to remember those things.

But now I’m back to work and I think back to my old self. I’m now 12 weeks along the way. I still have weird and different cravings. The other day it was kaldereta from Aling Teresing (a lady where we order party food at the office) and then yesterday was spaghetti from Tropical Hut. Yes, my cravings are very, very specific. Sad to say, both times my cravings were not satisfied.  But I’m happy to say I’m almost 100% over my morning sickness (that doesn’t really happen in the morning). These are all so new to me because with Miya I didn’t have morning sickness (I think there was just one time that I felt nauseated and vomited) and I didn’t have cravings.

My husband has been so wonderful from the very start of my pregnancy until the time of my being on bed rest well over until now. He has made sure that I’m always comfortable and got what I wanted. For the kaldereta, he tried to buy me kaldereta from the food court but it tasted so bad I wasn’t able to hide my disappointment from him haha. I think that was why when I asked for spaghetti he just told me that there’s no Tropical Hut near us hahaha. But really, he had been really amazing all throughout. I think our marriage has never been this strong. There was this one time during my bedrest when we got into an argument because of something I asked him to do. Instead of not speaking to me, which is his default response, he made some toasted bread with butter. So sweet! I’m so lucky to have him especially now when I need him the most.

I’ve been itching to get out of the house so last weekend when our friends asked us to join them for an afternoon at the beach, I said yes even if we had to commute from the house. More about that on my next post.

Here’s me last Saturday, 11 weeks and 5 days preggers, with my 3 year old kulit toddler.

On Miya: H&M dress, Crocs sandals
On me: And Apparel dress, necklace from Divisoria, Havaianas slippers


Aimee Diego said...

OMG! I'm so happy for you Chris! Super! Congratulations! I wanna give you a super tight cyber hug right now!!! Yey!!! :-)

cris said...

Aawww, thanks so much Aimee!!!! Di ako makahinga..ang higpit ng hug mo hehehe! Mwah!

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