Friday, August 22, 2014

Miya's Summer Class

Last summer we enrolled Miya for summer classes in her school. Nothing serious like advance reading or anything. We just want her to have an activity everyday and not become restless at home. For the first part of summer, the class we enrolled her to had cooking, art classes and singing and dancing. For their culminating program, their art projects were displayed for all the parents to see.  

Photos of their cooking class were also displayed. They made pizza, mac 'n cheese among others.

The children also presented some song and dance numbers. Their teacher asked us to dress them up with their best summer dress so I had her wear the dress she wore in Siquijor for her birthday.

With her Teacher Jonah who was very proud of her because she sang and dance throughout the program

Good job, anak!
For the second part of summer, we enrolled her to a pre-beginner’s class hahaha! Really, we just want her to enjoy the summer so instead of enrolling her in the reading program we just went ahead and enrolled her again to this even if she already knows what to do. On their last day, the parents were invited to sit-in during the class to see what the kids were up to. Here are photos of Miya cooking in class. 

Eating time!

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