Thursday, August 21, 2014

Buntis Serye @ 32 Weeks

Yes, 8 months baby! Remember my list from last time that I need to do for our baby?

  • buy his clothes  - I went back to Hello Baby inBel-air, Makati with my dear friends to buy clothes. Was able to buy white basics and other cute little things heehee.
  • wash the clothes that we already have - I’ve already asked our help to wash baby clothes that we need to bring to the hospital.
  • wash and clean the crib/playpen – not yet done, but I’ll probably send our crib to my parent’s house this weekend and ask their help to wash it. My parent’s home is more appropriate to wash and dry the crib by sunlight.
  • rearrange our bedroom with the crib – not yet, will do this once we have the crib washed.
  • general cleaning of our bedroom – not yet.
  • get on rehiring our previous Yaya - I asked her to come back by the 1st of September 
  • pack our hospital bags - I’ve actually already packed my bag and baby’s bag. Only a couple of things missing from our bag is my slippers and maternity napkin and then I can have my hubby store it in our car’s trunk so that it’s ready any time we need to go to the hospital. Hubby still needs to pack his own bag.
  •  find our birthing class certificate from before – found it! Also found our old birthing plan, just need to update it and discuss it with our OB again on our next visit (34th week)
  • order my breast pump and teats for the bottles online – did not buy a new breast pump anymore because when I checked my previous pump it’s still working fine. Ordered new bottles and teats however because Avent released new bottles and teats and the new teats are not compatible with our old bottles (the ones Miya used) so I have to buy new bottles as well. That’s okay because Amazon’s prices are much, much lower than the ones in the local stores here.
  • have our sterilizer fixed – didn’t have to. My friends threw a baby shower for me and they gifted us with an Avent sterilizer. Was so happy!
Praying doubly hard that baby will stay put until the 37th week. I was put on bed rest again for a week on the first week of August. I experienced some pains in my abdomen, like cramps when you have dysmenorreah. And I got worried because I remembered this was the feeling I felt when my labor during Miya’s birth progressed. I’m now drinking duvadilan three times a day as per my OB’s advise. I’m still experiencing some contractions every now and then but not consistently. I don’t really mind the pain because the contractions doesn’t really hurt I’m just really worried that I’m already experiencing labor when my baby is not yet big enough to come out.  My only cue that I’m having contractions is that tightening feeling in my tummy, just like when I was already in labor with Miya and the nurses in the hospital kept on telling me that my contractions are already strong and consistent. So if you’re reading this, please say a little prayer for us. Only five more weeks to go and I can give birth safely to our baby.

On the GDM (gestational diabetes) front, I went back to my endocrinologist after a week and she was happy I was able to control my diet and my blood sugar. She asked me to continue monitoring and just fax her my weekly monitoring and then go back to her by the first week of September. I’m able to control my diet, just have to clear off desserts really because I can still eat rice and bread just in moderate portions. Last week I asked Joema to buy me sugar free chocolates from Healthy Options and I must say they really are sugar free. Although I did not eat the chocolate bar in one sitting, just one small sliver (square) whenever I feel like eating chocolate. But I already have a list of sweets/desserts that I want to eat after I give birth heehee. The good thing about this controlling my diet is that I'm able to not gain too much weight. For the past month I haven't gain a pound but the baby continued to grow. He is now 1.9kgs just the right size for his gestational age, while I'm weighed in at 124lbs. I've only gained 9 pounds so far. 

I'm also experiencing heaviness in my crotch area particularly after sleeping and when I stand up from bed. I asked my OB about this, and she said it's because the baby might be lodged in down there while I'm sleeping so I should put a pillow between my legs while sleeping to ease the baby's position. Well it worked the other night but last night it didn't. It's so painful to stand up from bed huhu and to walk down to our bathroom in the morning. Good thing I don't really feel it all throughout the day. 

And no we still don't have a final name yet. Although we now have a shortlist of names that we really like. 

Now, here are my preggo selfies hahaha!

31 weeks (taken 11 August) - wearing a Gingersnaps dress

31 weeks and 1 day (taken 12 August) - wearing a Gingersnaps dress

31 weeks and 4 days (taken 15 August) - wearing a tunic I bought in Pakistan paired with leggings

32 weeks and 1 day (taken 19 August) - wearing an And Apparel dress (non-maternity)

32 weeks and 2 days (taken 20 August) - wearing a tunic top (non-maternity) from St. Francis paired with leggings

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