Wednesday, November 05, 2014

When Ate Miya Met Javi

23 Sept 2014

Joema fetched Miya from our house to go to the hospital on the night of the 23rd. When Miya got to the hospital I was carrying Javi because I just changed his nappy. Miya didn't want to go near us even if I asked her to hug me. She was naninimbang I think.

Even after I gave Miya the baby's "gift" to her she was still hesitant to come near us. I read somewhere that older children will warm up easier to baby siblings when they receive a gift from the baby. Sort of saying that the older child is special to the eyes of the younger one. 

The gift bag contained pink shorts, a doll dressed as a ballerina and Queen Elsa Magiclip collection doll - all favorites of Miya (pink, ballet and Frozen).
Miya only warmed up to Javi when Joema carried him and I tended to Miya.

Finally warming up to the baby. She's asking things about her baby brother.
By the time her Lola Tess arrived, Miya was her usual madaldal self.

Telling her Lola about Javi's gifts for her

She didn't want to leave when it was time for her to go home.

Laughing with Daddy on something about Javi
Although not instantly, thank God Miya warmed up to her brother. It's been over a month since our newest family member arrived. For me and Joema, it's a little of a struggle on how to balance our time between the two children. We don't want Miya to feel left out when we have to take care of Javi, while we also want to spend as much time with Javi as we did with Miya when she was a newborn. Miya is in love with her brother. I see that she's a protective sibling over the younger one. Although she's also struggling with our time being divided between the two of them. I see that she acts up when no one (not intentionally) is looking at her. She tends to act up and whine when she knows all our attention is with Javi. Although she doesn't verbalize that she's jealous, I don't think she already knows the concept of jealousy, these things are my red flags that she wants our attention. She likes to hug and kiss Javi and to touch him. We have to repeatedly remind her to be gentle with her baby brother as she can be brusko at times heheh. Sometimes I catch her doing it intentionally to get our attention. Haaay! I hope we get the hang of this parenting more than one kid sooner rather than later.

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