Friday, November 07, 2014

Baby Showers for Baby Minion

I've been very fortunate to have very nice and generous friends. Although, Baby Minion is already our second baby, these friends of mine still threw me baby showers left and right.

Flyfish Gang

This was supposed to be just Jose's dinner treat for all of us but they found a way to do the baby shower too. Katawa pa coz Janice messaged something that let it slip that they were throwing me a baby shower in our Viber group. I supposed they made another Viber group without me and that's where she was supposed to send that message hahaha! But I was still surprised coz I thought maybe they will just bring gifts and then give it to me during dinner. I didn't know they prepared the whole shebang with balloons and posters to boot. This was at Sofitel's Spiral.

Obvious ba? I was super duper happy with their gift!
Si Charline nagkamali, bumili pa ng separate gift hahahaha! Naka-extra outfit tuloy si Baby Minion :)

They threw me a surprise baby shower too when I was pregnant with Miya.


The baby shower was for both me and Janice. It was a simple celebration but very special nonetheless. These people are like family to us. Kami naman basta may pagkain at kwentuhan okay na okay na.

Ang daming laman ng plate ko noh? May second and third servings pa yan hahaha! I overshot my blood sugar level that day. Yikes!
Syempre una yung dalawang buntis sa kainan!
Terno baby beddings
Miiya was more excited to open the gifts! I forgot to pep-talk her that the gifts were for Baby Minion

Look at her trying on the socks hahaha

Back when I was pregnant with Miya, they gave us a crib!

Flower Puff Girls

They took me out for lunch for the baby shower. And I thought that was it. Little did I know that there were decors and games as well. It may not be as big as the baby shower they threw for me (and Mads) back then, but every detail was still there.

Lovely invitation

Seryoso sa game!
They won the second game - look its Baby Minion!

Colleagues from my current division 

Now, this set of people threw me a baby shower for the first time. I wasn't working with them when I was pregnant with Miya before. I am grateful they gave me a baby shower now. I love every gift that they gave me. Super sarap ng Amber's beef tapa and those cupcakes are super duper cute!!!

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