Monday, March 16, 2015


Yesterday, we brought Miya to the cinema to watch Cinderella. This was a milestone for her as it was her first time to watch a full length movie at the cinema. We're afraid to bring her to the cinema because she always has 1,001 questions while watching at home hehehe. But we promised her she could watch Cinderella the first time it's trailer was shown on Disney Channel so yesterday we trooped to Shangri-la Mall to watch the movie.

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We don't usually allow her to eat junk foods but since this was a special occasion we let her eat chips! 
The added bonus was the Frozen Fever short movie before the actual movie started. Miya was so happy! Although she still had a lot of questions. The first one incidentally tugged at my heart, "Ganon din ako paglaki ko mamamatay ka din?" when Cinderella's mom died. Ugh! I was teary eyed but at the same time I can't explain it to her while we were inside the cinema as other watchers might be disturbed. While on our way home, she asked me why Cinderella's mom died because she associated the parents dying as a consequence if the kid is bad. Truth is I couldn't answer her directly. She asked me again this morning about Cinderella's mom's death but I again I couldn't answer. I think I just have to have a one-on-one talk with her soon about this. Sorry to be so morbid but in the end, the movie was great! I loved it! Hubby loved it, too, because he commented "Buti na lang hindi nila iniba yung kwento" comparing it to Maleficent. I love how magical Cinderella's appearance at the castle was...from her first appearance up to her first dance with the Prince! The actress playing Cinderella - her beauty grows on you. When I see her on TV, I wasn't really a fan of her beauty. But after watching the movie, she was perfect as Cinderella! I didn't realize how cruel her life was with her stepmother and stepsisters and how kind she was with them. Oo nga naman kung ako yun iniwan ko na silang lahat. I hope I can also impart to my own daughter some wise words like her mother did - always have courage and be kind!

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