Friday, March 13, 2015

Miya's School and Javi's Cough

I know I'm supposed to follow a schedule for my blogging but well this post is entirely out of the schedule. If I don't blog about this now, this will be irrelevant in a few weeks. Considering that I still consider this blog as a documentation of my and my family's life I need to make a quick blog update on what's been happening.

Let's start with my eldest. We're now in the process of applying to big schools for Miya. Yes schools with an s as in more than one school. We applied to three to be exact. We went and submitted to all three schools yesterday. We brought her along so that she can see all three school. And I was also hoping they'll shedule her for an assessment instantaneously. But all three schools gave us testing dates. 

Miya at the first school watching the kids practice for their Moving Up Day

Miya at the second school again watching the kids practice for the Moving Up Day

Wasn't able to take a photo of her on the third school because we didnt really see much there. She was even asking why she has no classmates in the third school hehe. Incidentally her first entrance test will be at that school. 

Meanwhile, our little boy has cough. We actually went to the pedia last Saturday for his vaccine and already mentioned about it to the pedia. But that time he coughs only in the morning when he wakes up. So the pedia said it might be because he was just clearing his passageways after waking up. 

Javi and Daddy last Saturday

But by Sunday, it progressed into a persistent cough. By Tuesday, yaya texted me that Javi vommitted while coughing. Hindi pa din ako nagworry dahil usual na nasusuka ni Javi yung excess milk na naiinom nya. Naisip ko napasobra sa pag-ubo kaya tendency nilabas yung nainom na gatas. Yesterday morning Javi woke up from coughing. This was around 5am. He couldn't stop coughing and he was getting irritated that I had to carry him na. See, we don't really wake up for me to carry him because he usually just stirs, I nurse him and he goes back to sleep. But not that morning. When I carried him and placed him on my shoulders (burping position) ayun nilabas ang milk. Joema woke up around this time because of Javi's non-stop coughing.  He wiped our floor and clean it. Since both of us had no work yesterday because we were bringing Miya to the schools I told him we could bring Javi to the pedia in the afternoon. I actually didn't want to give Javi cough medicine because he's not yet 6 months old. I wanted him to continue to drink pire breastmilk so even if the pedia prescribed Ambroxol for him we didn't buy it right away last night. I thought we could just increase hia milk intake and continue putting on Vapor Soove on his chest and back and even his feet and he'll be okay. Unfortunately, he woke up at 4am this morning with a couging fit. He again vommitted his milk when I carried him. He's so kawawa na that I already bought his medicine when I got to work. I'll administer the meds when I get home later. 

Yesterda. Javi was so sleepy but he couldn't sleep because he kept on coughing

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