Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Javi at 6 Months

Javi turned 6 months old last March and he's turning 7 on Thursday. I can't believe he's now half a year old! I want to slow down time to savor his being a baby. It's as if I blinked because the past 6 months flew by.

I feel guilty as I think we didn't celebrate some of his firsts like how we did it with Miya. Like when he first rolled over or when he first laughed heartily (when I chanced upon this post I made). I noted in IG the first time he rolled over. The first time he laughed heartily, I'm not really sure when because he was laughing as early as 2 months I think. He's a very happy baby, very easy to take care of. I thank God He gave me an easy second baby as he balances the personality of his feisty Ate. I don't have a hard time making him fall asleep or nursing him. I love my darling little boy so much!

He can now reach his toes while lying down.

At first he can't put his feet inside his mouth. So he cheats and puts his thumb (from the hand holding his foot) inside his mouth. I haven't seen him do that while he's lying flat on his back. But his dad claims he can do it already. I see him doing it when his sitting down on his rocker or his carseat.

He is our little drool machine or sometimes our little taho maker (he easily spits up his milk sometimes milk that already looks like taho hence the name). His first tooth erupted first week of April.

Now, his second tooth has already erupted.

We've also started him on solids. To date, he's only tried eating lugaw. But tonight, I'll buy him bananas for tomorrow. Here are photos of his first solid and first taste of water!

He gobbled up the lugaw like it's no one's business. Ngumunguya pa akala mo naman may ipin hehehe. He's now eating around 4 spoonfuls of lugaw, twice a day (of course, he's given small bites).

Here are more updates in bullets:

1. I'm still breastfeeding him. And I'm happy to report that his milk consumption hasn't gone down even though we started him on solids. But let's wait and see for a couple more weeks because at the moment he's eating (solid food) 2 times a day only.
2. He's at the stage that he prefers to be carried standing up and doesn't want to be left lying down for long periods of time.
3. He's a loud baby, we think like his Ate. Because he can blabber on for minutes and sometimes at the point of screaming hehehe.
4. He likes to watch people singing. That's his thing with his Ate. Miya sings and then he listens.
5. He knows how to kiss us although open mouthed hahaha
6. He makes pa-cute. He crunches his nose and squints his eyes while smiling. Oh I love his beautiful smile. I haven't caught that pa-cute smile of his on camera yet. 

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