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Flyfish Summer Outing 2015

17 - 19 April 2015

I'm so glad we're able to do another summer outing this year with our Flyfish Gang. Last year we all went to Tali. This year, Janice was the once who booked the house also in Nasugbu, Batangas. We stayed at a rental house in Maya-Maya Subdivision and booked via airbnb. Although Janice mentioned that the house has its own website so you better google it as Airbnb charges a booking fee. Anyhoo, this year we booked 2 nights to stay at our rental which I think was a good idea. Since we rarely see each other, it was a very good time for our kids to hang out and bond with each other. And that's exactly what they did over the weekend.

We arrived with Janice and Penny's families as we convoyed via Cavitex. That's a very fast route compared to Tagaytay. We met up at Macapagal Blvd at 10:30am and arrived at the house by 1:30pm. We stopped over Cavite to have lunch at a McDonalds for about an hour.

While the big kids are playing, my little Javi is making pa-cute. 
By the way, this was our first out-of-town trip as a family of four without any help (grandparents or otherwise). And it was a success! Mainly because, Miya really played with the other kids and we didn't have to make her bantay and well, Javi was left at his rocker and the other yayas adored him. They will talk to him and keep him entertained while Mommy and Daddy had other things to do like eat hehe.

After settling down, the kids went ahead and swam at the swimming pool inside the property.

I actually changed Miya into her bathing suit thinking that we'll be going to the beach soon. But while waiting for Weng's family to dress up, I could already hear the screams of my little girl from outside. Ayun nasa pool na pala. Thank you, Ninang Penny for looking after her.

Then it was beach time!

The care taker of the house brought us to a private beach where we only paid for the parking of our vehicles (P50 per car unlimited time). Although the beach sand was not white, it was very fine. Not at all ouchy to kids' feet.

While Ate Miya was swimming, Javi was sleeping hahaha! He fell asleep on the car ride from the house to the beach. To think, the ride was only around 5 minutes. He was so sleepy hahaha. Oh babies!

Since it was already late in the afternoon, we didn't let him dip in the ocean when he finally woke up. Picture picture na lang hehe.

Almost successful group shot
Bye bye beach!
After dinner and putting the kids to sleep, the adults stayed up until midnight to make chika. It's been a long time since we last did that. I surely miss spending time with this bunch.

More pics of our second day after the jump....

Early the next day, we were back at the beach. We dipped Javi in the ocean but that was it. As in dip lang and photo-op hahaha! Joema said Javi cried and I didn't want to insist din for Javi to swim kasi I forgot to bring his baby oil to put sana on his back before swimming. My bad!

We stayed at the beach until 11am then we had lunch and afternoon siesta. After the kids (and adults) had naps, we had games for everyone. Each family was assigned to "sponsor" a game hehe. But in the end, there was no winners as all the kids were given prizes for each of the games.

The crazy bunch

Mands asking Stefan for their "How well do you know your child game"
Popping the balloon game. Although in the end, the kids didn't pop the balloons as we were afraid the kids might cry. There was a balloon that was accidentally popped which resulted to - yes, kids crying haha.
Newspaper dance
Wrapping Daddy with tissue paper. 
8 limbs
The kids were very happy with their prizes. Miya kept on whispering to me if she can get a prize without joining the games hahaha. See, Miya doesn't like joining parlor games during parties. She always reasons out that she can still get a prize even without joining, that is, the loot bag! Wahahaha wais talaga 'tong anak ko. But in the end she participated in two of the games except for the newspaper dance which was okay since we sponsored that game and the tissue paper game which I don't know why. 

Very happy with her loot
The older kids played until after dinner. We had to tell them to sleep by 9:30pm. As usual Miya was one of the last ones who felt sleepy. Ako pa unang inantok. Good thing Javi would fall asleep around 7:30 - 8pm when we were there. On our first night, Miya fell asleep around 9pm.

On our last day, we still had time to swim after breakfast before leaving the house.

Nagkakauntugan na sa kakapanood

Playing choo-choo train with Penny's kids

Miya even tried the slide! She saw her Ninang Penny wanted to try it with one of her kids so she asked me if we can try the slide. I didn't want to so I told her to ask her Ninang. Buti na lang game si Penny.

From the picture above, you can see Miya's scared face. She got scared so I hugged her immediately when she landed in the water and told her she was very brave. She hugged me tight. Her Ninang was also praises with her, telling her what a brave girl she was. Later on, she told me it was fun. I'm so proud of her because at an early age, I see her conquering things she's scared of and succeeds in doing so. That's my girl!

It was a wonderful weekend. We all enjoyed our short but sweet vacation!

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