Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Quick Update

And when I was so good blogging I suddenly disappeared again. Well, I have good excuse this time. Joema got sick - measles! And then after two weeks it was my turn! It was hell! When Joema got sick, me and the kids went to my parents' home and stayed there for the duration of his illness so that we won't get ill. But measles is contagious even before the rashes came out, so yeah I caught the bug from him and was sick after two weeks (incubation period is 2-3 weeks). When I got sick, the kids were then sent again to my parents' home. It was torture for me to be away from the kids, from Javi specifically because we're breastfeeding. They told me there were nights when he didn't have a good night sleep and he wanted to be carried the whole time. I couldn't leave him a shirt or piece of clothing so that he'll smell me while we're not together because my clothes might be carrying my germs. My stash of frozen breastmilk was gone in a few days. I had to pump milk continuously even if I was feverish or itchy from the rashes. No worries, I did all that for my son and I missed him and his Ate terribly. I had a few breakdowns while they were away because of home sickness. I guess it was God's way of preparing me for my upcoming business travel. I should have been gone this last week but because of my measles the trip was postponed to second week of June. I guess the only difference when I was sick was I didn't know when I'll get well, unlike for a business trip I know when the trip will end. Haaay! While I was tortured to be away from the kids, my little girl was having a blast hahaha! She thoroughly enjoyed her "summer vacation" at her Lolo and Lola's place. Javi on the other hand really missed me. The day I got my doctor's clearance I went to see them. Javi was crying from his rocker when he saw me, apparently he wanted me to carry him. And when I did, he hugged me and he propped his head on my shoulders. It's the sweetest thing I tell you! I felt like crying while we're hugging me. I didn't expect for him to miss me that much. And then these days, he's always "naghahabol". He doesn't want me leaving his sight. I think he hasn't recovered yet. Poor kid! He turned 8 months, by the way. I hope to blog more in the coming days. I don't know how because I'm swamped with work because I was gone for two weeks! But I think I'll manage to post a few things. See you around!

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