Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Miya's Moving Up Day

We attended Miya's Thanksgiving Mass and Moving Up Day ceremony last Saturday (18 March). I think I was emotional the whole time I was there. Haaay! Let me share the photos before my emotions get me.

They had a processional inside the chapel before the mass began.

Was very lucky with where we sat because we were very close to where she was seated. Good thing nakinig ako kay Sister Lui when she asked us to move forward.

Our little graduate

After the thanksgiving mass, we proceeded to their convention hall for the Moving Up ceremony. They also had a processional there which we didn't expect so our seats were not ideal. Good thing, we were allowed to stand up and take videos.

It's so cute that she was all smiles during this time. I couldn't help but feel so proud of her (sans the tears)

That's her our little graduate!

After the ceremony, we picked her up from the Grade 1 classroom. She asked for a picture with her Kinder teacher.

Photo-op before leaving school with Daddy and Mommy.

We then had lunch and watched Beauty and the Beast.

My dearest Miya,

Just this morning, I felt an overwhelming sadness because it dawned on me that you're already 6 years old. Where have all those 6 years gone by? We are so proud of you anak! The priest in your Thanksgiving Mass said that Kinder graduation is more important than college graduation because you transitioned from being innocent to knowing so much. From letters, you can now read. From those numbers, you can now count. And I so agree with him. I look at your photos from last year and I can't help but sigh and realize how much you've grown. That's just in one year. I hope you take with you what we always teach you. And I hope you keep in your memory all the good times that we had in your childhood. In the welcome remarks of your schoolmate she said, "We are not afraid of grade 1, we are not afraid of grade 2, we are not afraid of highschool or even college." Naku anak, Mommy and Daddy are the ones who are afraid. We're mostly afraid that you are leaving us behind but I know that it is our roles as parents to prepare you and guide you to the time that you will be on your own. Sister Dedicacion mentioned in her remarks that each of you has a beauty, faith and strength in you that we are helping you see. May you always find your inner beauty, faith and strength, anak! Know that we are always here behind you to support you in whatever you want to be. Remember what Daddy tells you, you can be whoever you want to be, you can do whatever you want to do. We love you so much, Miya! You make us so proud!


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