Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Miya's Swimming Class - Day 1

We enrolled Miya in swimming classes this summer. I wanted to enroll her in Trumpets Playhouse workshop as well but they can't give me definite date on their culminating activity, which might coincide with our family trip so we won't push for her enrollment there. I want to enroll her in as much activities this summer to take advantage of the time that she wants to do things. Last summer when we asked her what she wanted to do, she said she just wanted to relax hahaha! So that's what she did.

Yesterday was her first day in class. We enrolled her in Aqualogics because I liked the feedback I got from a friend and the teacher:student ratio was 1:4. I wanted to share a few first impressions on the program. First off, there wasn't any orientation when we got there. Someone took the hard copies of the form from me and gave me some things to sign and then that was it. The teachers didn't even double check if the kids that went to the pool are indeed enrolled (because another staff took care of the forms). Maybe they did check but I did not see, we had to ask how we'll know which group to go to. Their head teacher, I think, just told us we can join that group. In Miya's group, they were 3 girls with 2 teachers which was great because she was almost practicing the whole 1 hour they were there. She didn't have too much idle time waiting for her turn. I'm not sure how they assessed Miya's swimming ability but the first thing they did was for her to float on her back, which Miya can already do and the two other girls with her. I don't know how they would have taught the kids if they were in different skill levels. As I've already mentioned the class is for 1 hour, and I'm happy that the lesson was really for an hour. The kids just have enough time to rest in between their turns, there were some "play" time but it didn't feel like they lost time just playing in the water. And then after the class, Miya was able to linger in the other pool and swim on her own. All in all, I'm excited for her to finish her lessons. We plan to extend her lessons if she wants to later on.

Here are some photos and videos from yesterday.

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