Thursday, March 30, 2006

despedida....books, books, books

The other day we had our despedida for our Director, Mr. Burston. He's going to be transferred to another department. It was a simple after-office gathering. The idea was to remind him of his first Christmas party with BPCB. That was way back 2001. They wore pirate costumes, red shirt with bandanna on their heads and sang and danced their own version of "Footloose" with Mr. Burston reenacting the lines of the song and sang a few lines solo! So when he entered the room during the despedida they played the video clip of that presentation and we all sang along with the video (well, they sang along hehehe), all of us were also wearing bandannas like the ones they used in their Christmas presentation. We were having a ball watching the video clip. Yung iba sa kanila mga payat pa dun sa video ngayon nagtabaan na sila hahahaha. And the part were Mr. Burston sang a few lines was in slow motion at inulit ulit pa ala 'Stop me!' segment of the The Buzz. Funny sobra! He was so red while watching it. Picture taking after that then we had dinner. We had KFC fried chicken, San Juanito's pansit, siomai and shrimp kebab. For desert, we had chocolate and potato almond cake. Ang sarap! After eating, Ms. Aggie presented Mr. Burston's "PDP" as evaluated by BPCB staff and his supervisor. At first I thought what a boring way to say goodbye to someone but it turned out to be really funny. The comments Ms. Aggie made were pretty hilarious and of course we can all relate because all of us had just our performance evaluation. After that we sang "In My Life" for him then bye-bye na. Ay! They also gave him a present pala...a framed picture of him imposed in a 'Footloose' movie poster. Cute!

After the despedida, I met with Joema in Powerbooks. He was looking forward to buying the book about warfare that he saw the last time he was there. Well, he was disappointed since no new stock was available. Gula-gulanit na yung copy na nasa shelf. Too bad! But we bought three books instead..Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun and Freud's Women. I got to take home Freud's Women because I chose that one. I started reading was all about the women in Freud's members, patients and colleagues that influenced his theory on psychoanalysis. First few pages palang ang nababasa ko but I think this will be an interesting read hmmmm.... Anyway, we also got out Powerbooks card. Well, we still have to wait for one to two weeks for the card but we already availed of the 5% discount for cardholders (10% for cash purchases). Can't wait to read the book...tamang tama pagdating ng Holy Week yun ang aatupagin ko. I can't remember the last time I read a book. Pumupurol na nga ata ang utak ko. I don't have any more exams to study for, sa work naman medyo routine ang ginagawa. I need to read more..aside from the weekly Time magazine that I read...di ko pa yon nababasa from cover to cover. Shucks! Kakahiya!

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