Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Fool's Day

Beware people! hehehe The other day I already texted an April-fool's-day-text to my friends. Thanks to Abbie for texting me that message I was able to fool almost 5 people with it. The message goes like this..

Uy! Sama ka sa Boracay! April20-22..Cge na pls?!? Ako na bahala sa lahat basta sama ka. Join tayo sa MTV event. :)


Sarap, mangarap..

ang init kc eh!

I had to tell the people who believed it to scroll down the message for the next few lines hehehe. Gotcha peepz!!


Tonight is the Big Night!!!! Who will win...Keanna, John, Bianca or Zanjoe? I voted for Zanjoe because he's yummy and for John because of the four celebrities I think he's the most deserving to win. John got along with all the HMs, he sacrficed to get his whole body waxed to see his family and donate TV sets to his chosen charity and I think he has matured while inside the house. I also like his charity..the National Children's Hospital. Let's all wait, in a few hours we'll know who the winner is. Can't wait to see Zanjoe out of the house! :D

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