Monday, March 27, 2006

Monday Madness

Got this questions from Monday Madness. I'll try to do this every Monday.

1. Do you use a bag/sachel/wallet? I use a bag/sachel
2. Do you use the same bag/sachel/wallet everyday or change depending on your outfit? I change my bag depending on my outfit or sometimes pag tamad every week lang nagpapalit so minsan one week na puro shade of pink or shade of brown ang suot ko haha.
3. What do you carry in your bag/sachel/wallet? My cellphone, wallet, coin purse, checkbook, umbrella(folding), tissue, hand sanitizer, keys.
4. Do you check and change the contents of your bag/sachel/wallet before you go anywhere specific or do you take everything everywhere? Yes I change the contents of my bag depending on where I'm going and what bag I'm using.
5. How often do you have a good clean out of your bag/sachel/wallet? Hehehe depende. Minsan dami dami ng papel/receipts at samu't saring coins ang bag ko bago ko linisin.

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