Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Semana Santa

While others go to Boracay or Baguio to have a vacation during the Holy Week, our family usually go to San Jose, Nueva Ecija my mother's province. We stay at my lolo and lola's house in the middle of the rice fields. As in probinsya! But this year we'll be going to my Tita's house in San Fernando, Pampanga. I wonder if they will show us the Kristos. Can I watch those men and women crucify themselves like what Jesus did for us?

I thought I should do some serious reflections this Holy Week. I haven't been praying a lot lately. I'm the one who usually prays only when I need something and I'm really sorry for that. Well, that should also be a good thing right? That only means that I'm okay with what I have. But I want something really bad now. Oh my! I'm so bad! I don't pray everyday, I only pray during the mass on Sundays minsan half-hearted pa. I want to change this attitude. I want to renew my life. I don't want to live like this. I want God to be the center of my life. Also, I want to do something to give back to others what God has given me. Before I left the actuarial career, I told myself I should do some volunteer work for an NGO or other foundations because I will have lots of time. But I'm still not able to do that. Now I'm thinking of asking a friend who tutors less unfortunate kids somewhere in Manila if I could do the same. Sana I'll have the guts and finally decide to do it! Haaayyy... I have a lot of thinking to do this week.

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