Wednesday, March 14, 2007


We watched 300 last Thursday much to the prodding of Joema. He loves this kinds of stories with battles and the strategies they used - Rome, Greece and other ancient civilization. So he already knows the story of the Battle of Thermopylae even before this movie was made. He loves the movie Alexander and I hate it. But I'm into epic movies plus I loved Sin City so it wasn't a problem.

The movie is a visual feast - from that big well in Sparta to the Spartan soldiers to the Immortals to the elephants.! We love love love the movie. Joema was still raving about it when we got home.

Some crazy one liners we have about the movie:

Cris: Nakita mo ba yung umbok ni Leonidas?
Joema: Huh? di naman ako nakatingin don e.
Cris: Kasama ata sa uniform nila yung six-pack e
Joema: Ang tapang ng Spartans noh. Kung alam lang nila na gagawin lang silang tsinelas ngayon


But then I read that Iran was outraged by the movie.

Oh well, you really can't please everybody.

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