Monday, October 01, 2007

See You Later Crocodile

Lately, I’ve been going to a lot of send-off parties. There was Grace’s, my boss’, Joyce’s and then last Friday was Jen’s. She was just transferring to another department but we bid her farewell as well, hoping that she will come back to us in the future.

(L-R) Seated: Tita Olive, Jen, Rhoda; Standing: me and Riza. That's Nixon at the back.

And then tonight, we’ll be sending off my college kabarkada Sharon. She will be going to Singapore this coming October 8. Seems like I’ve been saying goodbye to a lot of people. Well, it does not mean they’re leaving my life. It’s just sad that they are leaving…and that I can’t see them as easily. I have to book a flight in order to see them. Haaay….

In other news, I gave in to the fad. I bought Crocs yesterday. Remember, I was deciding which shoes to buy to use in HK? Well, after much deliberation I decided that I won’t buy shoes anymore. I will just use the old ones that I have ( the not-so-fashyown-shoes). But yesterday I offered my mother that I will buy her shoes as a birthday present. She turned 53 two Sundays ago. Plus she doesn’t have shoes to bring to HK also. We went to Podium because they were on sale. After going around we haven’t found the right shoes for her, it’s either she doesn’t like them or they don’t have their size. We went to Shoe Salon and she started fitting Gola sneakers there. I tried one display of the Crocs that they have and it fits and it’s perfect on my foot. I told my mom to try one and if she likes them I will buy one for the both of us. She liked it too! So I bought them. Haay… I never thought I’ll buy one of these. Funny thing pa Joema and I were at Trinoma last Saturday and we went inside Crocs (you know how big the store they have there). But I didn’t try on any one of the styles they have. Ewan ko ba…I think I’m a bit skeptical in getting one because of the horror stories I read in the internet. So please pray my foot won’t be caught in an escalator somewhere in Metro Manila or HK.

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