Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Furniture for your Home

At the bank where I’m employed, staff may avail of the housing loan with interest lower than commercial banks. That is after five years of being an employee. So I have 2 more years to go before I can avail of that special benefit. For now, I will just drool over furniture in Furniture From Home. You can choose your furniture by room, by style or by color. And ordering is just one click away. Just choose the furniture that best suit your home and your taste and you're good to go. For me, I like going through the site by room. You can see in full the combination of the different pieces of furniture in one room. I love it! If you can’t afford to pay for an interior designer you can always look at their rooms and then just buy the pieces of furniture there. It’s a complete guide in furnishing your home.

Here at home, we probably should by a new sofa. I so love their recliners. I wonder if I could egg my mom to buy one. They have a lot of options too if you're looking for a bed. I especially like this loft bed with desk. Such a space saver! If you have kids, you have to check out their kid bedroom furniture.

It's so easy to navigate this site. Equally helpful are their Lifestyle Suggestions and Furniture Tips that are located at the bottom right portion of their homepage. Check it out!

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