Monday, March 03, 2008


In line with my "crushing" Hayden Christensen at the moment, I watched Awake last night. The movie's premise is about this phenomenon called anesthetic awareness where patients undergoing surgery are not able to go to sleep after being injected with anesthesia rather they are fully awake but paralyzed. Hayden's character experiences this phenomenon when he was operated for a heart transplant. I didn't like him here as much as in Jumper hehe. Anyways, the thought of going through anesthetic awareness just creeps me out. I was thinking what if Joema experienced this when he had his surgery. Good thing he didn't. I remember him telling me that he fell asleep during the surgery - you know how (from Grey's Anatomy) the anesthesiologist lets the patient count backwards. Anyways, I liked the story of the movie. It's a bit short though. I would have wanted to see what happened to Hayden and Jessica Alba afterwards. Oh, Jessica Alba was hot in that bath tub scene!


karen said...

I'm too afraid to watch this movie. The whole concept of anesthetic awareness just creeps me the heck out.

cris said...

Yes, it's so creepy! Parang ayaw mo na talagang magpa-opera after you've watched it.

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