Sunday, April 06, 2008

Drive Me Crazy

I don’t drive anymore because I don’t have a car. But two years ago, I was able to drive my father’s car. I didn’t have the courage to drive it before we renewed the insurance coverage for it. It was actually a good thing that it was covered because the first time I drove it on my own (I usually drive with my brother with me so he can guide me) I bumped the car and worst I was about to park it already. Imagine that! I was able to drive it from our house, ply a major highway and get to our destination but when I was about to park I bumped it with another car that was parked there. Gah!

I’m hoping to buy a car of my own maybe after a year or two. And of course I have to buy insurance for it as well. I can search for online car insurance. I don’t need to leave the comforts of my home or call several insurance companies to get a quote. I just need my computer and an online connection. This site is really helpful because they have several articles regarding cars like the 10 easiest cars to get insured or the 10 most stolen cars. Aside from car insurance they can also quote home insurance, life insurance, health insurance and renter’s insurance. But of course the site specializes in car insurance. They have a thorough guide that gives all the information to help you to get lower premiums for your car insurance. The site is mainly for United States based residents and they give in depth information for every state in the US. Now if you still have questions that are not answered in their site, you can simply fill out their form to ask them your question. They guarantee that an insurance expert will answer your query within 24 hours. They also quote the lowest insurance rates and all of their quotes are for free. You can compare them and then get insured. They need to ask you a few questions regarding your car or your driving skills but you need not worry because all of these information are kept confidential.


karen said...

Hmm... Imma have to check that site out. I have a pretty good driving record and I haven't been in an accident in 10 years. (I rear ended someone when I first got my license, hehe.)s

cris said...

Go check it out :D

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