Monday, April 07, 2008

Universal Studios

This morning while listening to the Morning Rush, I heard the good news that Universal Studios will be built here in Manila . I can't wait for this. First, there's Manila Ocean Park and now Universal Studios. Wow! This is really good news. This will generate employment for the Filipinos and hopefully this will attract more tourists to visit the country. I just hope we'll have a more tourist-friendly transport system like the MTR of Hong Kong or MRT of Singapore. Yes we have our own MRT but it's not very tourist-friendly. Even Filipinos who are first time users of the LRT or MRT will be a bit confused on how the system works. There are no directions on how to buy the tickets and no maps that will tell you where you are going. Althought the MRT Line 2-purple line is the most user-friendly with machines that dispenses single-journey tickets and there are maps that show the connecting routes of the three LRT/MRT lines.

Anyways, back to Universal Studios. I haven't been to the US so the things I know about Universal Studios are all from the internet or from stories of people who've been there. I heard from a Singaporean that the construction of the Universal Studios in Singapore is already on-going. I googled about this and found this site. And I quote from the site.. The park is reported to be a "one-of-its-kind theme park in Asia" as Universal Studios has promised that this will be the only park it would have in Southeast Asia for the next 30 years. Now, this is a bit confusing.

Read the entire news of Universal Studios in Manila here. Is the news article simply stating that the developers of Universal Studios in Asia are building a theme park here in the Philippines and not necessarily Universal Studios?

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