Saturday, May 03, 2008

Labor Day

Our labor day holiday was packed. We, the fam with Joema, had lunch at Saisaki. We were actually there early so we waited for a while. We were all full after lunch. I think I went back to the buffet table 5 times. My frist plate was all Japanese food, then I headed for the Filipino food, and then went back for lechon de leche and then went back again for the sashimi and then finally dessert. While there we saw them filleting a big salmon. I was asked to wait for the salmon sashimi because they were still filleting the fish. It was so big. Almost as long as our table! Their band sang at our table. I am totally forgetting the two songs they sang.

After lunch we headed to the mall and did some shopping. The mall was brimming with people because of the sale. Frankly, we were there because of the sale too. The first thing we bought was a cellphone for our househelp (althought that wasn't on sale). And then we headed for the clothes. Joema and I bought outfits for our upcoming prenup shoot hehe. We were all exhausted with all that shopping (nyek!) it felt like the food we ate are all gone by the time we went home. Actually Joema and I didn't go home with them, we went straight to our friendly neighborhood salon, together with my mother, to have my haircut. My mother had hers too. Joema and I then headed to dinner with our friends. As usual everyone was late but that's okay because we waited for a while to be seated. Again, food food food. Goodbye diet! I officialy declared May 1 as my cheat day.

See my new hair (never mind that I have the same clothes during lunch and dinner)

My girls and our boys

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