Saturday, June 14, 2008

Independence Day

Last June 12, Joema and I went around town to accomplish a few things for the wedding. The Bank doesn't follow PGMA's holiday economics so we don't have work on the actual day of the holiday. So June 12 was our holiday and not June 9. I met up him with after his work to have breakfast and then we went straight to Archbishop's Palace. The last time we went there Bro. Emman wasn't in so this time I called them Tuesday and asked if anyone will be around that Thursday. Apparently, Bro. Emman is not in charge anymore. When I called I've spoken with Ms. Raquel. I told her that I lost the receipt Bro Emman issued me when I paid the reservation fee. She told me that might be important because Bro Emman isn't incharge any more. Yikes! Although she confirmed that we have the slot for the morning of November 8. Whew! When we went there Bro. Alexis was the one who talked to us. Although, Ms. Raquel was there to assist him. As for the lost receipt, she told me I can write a note that tells them I lost the receipt but I already paid the reservation fee. They finally discussed what are the things we need to submit and we can actually start arranging everything.

1. Baptismal Certificate (For Marriage Purpose) [B&G]
2. Confirmation Certificate (For Marriage Purpose) [B&G]
3. (3) Sunday Publication of Marriage Banns [B&G]
4. Permission from the Parish Priest [B&G]
5. Marriage License (valid on the wedding date) [B&G]
6. License to Solemnize Marriage (Officiating Priest)
7. Delegation from the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish
8. Fully accomplished Cannical Investigation Form (Interview by Officiating Priest) [B&G]
9. Pre-Cana Seminar [B&G]

We signed the contract (note to self: next time we go there, get a copy of that contract) and was able to go to Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish to accomplish the delegation. We paid P500 for it. Since ours will be a mixed marriage, we have to sign another contract (with signature of witnesses so we have to ask some of our friends to take a leave and go with us to the church for that) that will be signed by Fr. Jun who is the priest in charge in Archbishop's Palace. And then we have to take that contract to the Archdiocesan Chancery Office at the Arzobispado de Manila, 121 Arzobispo St., Intramuros, Manila near Manila Cathedral (I just googled the exact address of the place). I think they will interview us there and then maybe give us something hehe. When I asked if the pre-cana seminar is the same as the Discovery Weekend Ms. Raquel told us it was different so I guess they don't recognize DW in lieu of the seminar. But they weren't clear where we'll take the seminar. I don't think they hold it there. When we went to the Sacred Heart parish office, we forgot to ask about it because the man in charge was a bit of a snob haha. I was a bit scared of him actually. He would answer our questions with one word sentences and he didn't even smile at us. Oh well, we can always call and ask about it again. Atleast we have one thing off our list for the church requirement.

It was almost lunch time when we finished so we headed off to Gateway and wandered around a bit. We're to meet with Marj Dizon of A Magical Event to book her On-The-Day coordination services. I actually met Marj with Penny a few Sundays ago to discuss the inclusions of her OTD coordination. Some of the things she mentioned, I didn't even thought about. So I was convinced we really needed a coordinator. I was immediately at ease with her and the best part is she was within our budget. Joema and I met up with her at Oasis around 2pm. She had a wedding there at 3 that afternoon. I was able to meet her team - her mom, Lyn and Tita A. By the way, special thanks to Dins who gave me a shortlist of OTD coordinators. :)

After that we watched The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Those boys - Prince Caspian, King Peter and King Edmond - are so cute. But I like King Peter best haha. Like the first movie, which I forgot everything about it as in it's like I have amnesia I don't even remember most of the scenes that Joema is telling me about, I'm not so thrilled about this movie. By the time the next installment is out (if there will be), I might have forgotten all about it again. I'm thinking of buying the book and reading it. I might appreciate the movies more.


Dins said...

wow naman, na-special mention pa ako! very happy to help other brides! =)

cris said...

syempre naman thanks talaga to you. :) marj might be our emcee as well. kasama kasi sa package namin sa eloquente yung emcee and it turned out kinukuha pala sya ng eloquente to do that. yey!

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