Monday, May 11, 2009

Wedding Planning All Over

Another wedding coming up for my friends! Yehey! I mentioned here somewhere that Mands and Weng got engaged and are planning for their May 2010 wedding. Now, Charline and Allan got engaged! So they will probably get married next year or the year after. It really excites me to know my friends are getting married, to know that they finally found someone to share the rest of their lives with, their successes, happiness and even their failures with. It gets me doubly excited to help them in their wedding preparations. Offer them some tips and how to go about the preparation itself. Some friends even tell me I should consider wedding planning as a second job. Which I think I will greatly enjoy.

I wouldn't want to go through it without any background or experience. Well, I have planned our own wedding but I would think I need more information about the industry. Did you know that there are schools who offer wedding planning courses? One of them is Sheffield School. Sheffield actually began as an interior design school but they have now included wedding and event planning course in their curriculum. They are located in the heart of Manhattan. Oh if only I live in New York like Grace. Their website will show you the topics covered in their wedding and event planning course. I would probably enroll in this course. Sheffield School's training will include "look book" supplements, virtual internship programs and your personal student advisor among other things. I'm itching to request for a free course catalog to know more about this course. Maybe I should start charging my friends for being their bridal consultanti.

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