Monday, January 25, 2010

Honeymoon Destinations

I've been helping some friends look for their honeymoon destination. One of them preferred staying within the country while the other preferred a cruise or something outside the country. I finished looking for resorts within the country before I finished the one with the cruise (Sorry Char!), so let me share with you some resorts in the Philippines that would be great for honeymooners. My friend wanted to stay in a beach resort nice enough to just spend time inside their rooms. Since I haven't been to these resorts (except Pearl Farm, but we didn't stay overnight there), my recommendations are only based on the photos in their websites hehehe.

1. Pearl Farm Resort in Davao

As I've said, we've been here for a day tour and we really enjoyed the food and the beach. They have a honeymoon package worth P24,000 per couple which includes: 3 days/ 2 nights in Samal House, welcome drinks, fruit basket, 2 days breakfast, 2 days lunch, 1 day regular dinner, 1 day special romantic dinner, body massage for two and roundtrip boat transfers.

2. Bella Rocca Resort in Marinduque

This resort, I first heard from a friend and then Anna blogged about this, too. It's like Santorini in the Philippines and you know I love Santorini. Their Mi Amore package includes 3 days/ 2 nights accomodation, roundtrip land+sea transfers, welcome drinks, 2 set breakfast, two private evening cocktails, two 3-course set dinners, one bottle of wine, one hour full body massage. Rates start at P19,300 per person.

3. Misibis Bay in Legaspi

I first read about Misibis Bay in Rajo Laurel's blog. And then my cousin went here, as a member of MPO and played for a wedding, he said the place was really beautiful (which reminds me, I should blog about his gig in Amanpulo - super lucky!). Misibis Bay offers a honeymoon package at P18,888 per person which includes: 3 days/ 2 nights stay in a junior suite deluxe, full board meals, scuba diving trial, roundtrip transfers plus 30 activities to choose from.

4. Club Paradise in Palawan

My friend really wanted to go to El Nido for their wedding but they wanted to have other choices so I surfed for other nice beach resorts in Palawan and came up with this. Club Paradise doesn't offer honeymoon packages but the room rates already include full board meals, welcome drinks and roundtrip Palawan transfer. Rates start at USD190 per person per night.

5. Antulang Beach Resort in Dumaguete

I included this in my list because this is where Ryan proposed to Juday hahaha. Antulang's honeymoon package starts at USD800 per couple which includes 3 days / 2 nights accommodation, roundtrip land transfer, welcome drinks, fruit basket, full board meals, sunset cruise, intro to diving, horseback riding, unlimited snorkeling and kayaking, his and hers massage, bottle of wine, souvenir shirts and a personal butler.

Photos are from the websites.


Anna said...

Oh my goodness, Cris, sakto ka! We're going to Dumaguete this March and have NO idea where to go there - buti you blogged about Antulang! I shall definitely check it out - THANK YOU!

On Bella Rocca: Have two different sets of friends who went there and mixed reactions sila! Consensus though - while the resort is lux, the beach is UGLY! Rocky and dark. So you're really just stuck in the resort, which, according to one friend, could be kind of boring. Ideal though if you're just really looking to lounge on a deckchair by the pool, or if you want to meditate daw hehe.

cris said...

hey, thanks for the feedback on Bella Rocca. I'll tell that to my friend. :) and enjoy your bakasyon in dumaguete. try looking at bravo golf hotel as well. not for honeymooners pero ok accommodation in dumaguete.

Anna said...

Ows shucks ano yang bravo hotel? sige sige i'll look for it too. di naman kami honeymooners, we're going with friends hahaha. baka we can just drop by antulang for lunch if it's too expensive! salamat salamat muli!!!

Abbie said...

Twin, dyan sa Bella Rocca nag-honeymoon yung hs/college friend ko last December.

Nakita nila si Derek Ramsey. Wala lang. Maisingit lang ang chismax!

cris said...

@abbie, kung jan ako naghoneymoon at nakita ko si derek, kumpleto na ang honeymoon ko wahahahaha. sakalin ako ng asawa ko.

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