Saturday, February 06, 2010

Penny's Baby Shower

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had dinner with the flyfish gang last night. Well while planning this get together I told them we should have our surprise baby shower for Penny on the same day. Since she will be absolutely clueless about it coz it was supposed to be their treat to me and Jose. So we had dinner first at Old Vine Grille at Piazza Venice in Mckinley Hill. Too bad Jose wasn't able to join us for dinner.

After dinner, we all "agreed" to have coffee/desserts. Penny didn't know that Janice and Steve, together with Al, already prepared the place where we had the shower - at Sol Gelato. Janice's excuse was to meet Al at the parking because he came late while Steve said he was going to call Rhea who was out of town and couldn't join us. The managers/owners of Sol Gelato was so gracious to let us have our baby shower there. Janice and Al actually went there last week to scout for a place where we could have the shower. So anyways, while walking along the walkway outside Sol Gelato, Penny saw the banner inside (the store has glass walls) and she thought "Uy, we have the same name" and when she saw the pictures she thought that she looked like "that girl" only to realize that we were throwing her a surprise baby shower hahaha!

The mommy-to-be after she has settled down

Even if we had a small space, we were able to play games. I was in charge of the games so I researched on new ones. I didn't want to have the same games as we had with Janice's baby shower so I googled for baby shower games and found this site. The first game we played was "How Well Do You Know Mommy-to-be". Here's Janice writing her answers.

She and Charline won that game. They got 7 out 10 answers correctly. And apparently, the baby will only get 3 characteristics from Daddy Pao - as Penny answered the game haha! The next game was "Finish the Baby Rhyme." Mands and Steve gave hilarious answers. Like for "Little Miss Muffet, sat on a tuffet, eating her ________________ and whey." They both answered "breakfast"! And then for "Old Mother Hubbard, went to the _______________", Mands answered "farm" while Steve gave the answer "farmer." They were looking at each others answers and I told them not to cheat!

Laughing at their answers

Al won this game - he got all the right answers! The next game we played was "Place the Baby on the Mommy." Here's Penny after the game. Steve cheated and won this game hahaha!

Mands then won the "Guess the Baby pictures" game. Only, I printed out baby pictures of celebrities and I think he got 4 out of the 5 celebrities hahaha. EVeryone at the edge of their seats trying to guess the celebrity.

And then it was time for Penny to open the gifts. But of course it's not only her who was excited to open the gifts, we were excited too because we played "Baby Bingo."

Penny with Pao opening gifts for "Pablo", though it's not yet final.

The paraphernalia we used for the games...see the bingo cards? I'm one of the winners by the way hehe, though that's not my bingo card.

Us girls

Group pic outside Sol Gelato

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