Wednesday, April 07, 2010

More of the Balikbayan

After four days in Kota Kinabalu (we spent our last day just relaxing and then it's bye-bye time so no pics hehe) and going back to Manila, Grace stayed here with us in the condo for one more night. Poor hubby had to sleep in the couch again. Grace's first night in PI she stayed with us too before we left for KK. The next day Grace went home to Makati but we saw each other again for dinner by Friday, this time with Joel and Gary. Too bad My wasn't able to come, she's too tired from work. Well, we understand her, she's pregnant you see. Had dinner at Abe and then coffee and doughnuts at Krispy Kreme. Joel was as usual so kulit and Gary was again late for dinner. Haven't seen them in a while so the night was full of stories.

The next week, the night before Grace left for NY, we saw each other again. Grace wanted to watch Miss You Like Crazy before dinner so Joema had to skip this meet-up as he was already had his quota of this movie. I met up with Grace after work and we were able to watch at Greenbelt 2. It was the only theater were the movie was still showing. After the movie, we met up with Joel and Gary again for dinner.

And then she's back in NY. Just like that. I always tell her she should go back here hehehe. Of course, I'm being selfish!

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