Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fishy Fishy

Last night we went to Medical City to visit Mommy Penny and Baby Paco. Penny gave birth to their first-born on Thursday, 22 April. Look at how cute Paco is.

Janice and I were seating next to him listening to his mom tell us how we was born and then he suddenly sneezed. Oh my gosh I was worried we were carrying germs with us, that's why he sneezed! And then he started whimper, so his mom had to carry him...he just wanted to be included in the story-telling hihi.

Paco is the second baby in our barkada. His "kuya" is my godson Stefan who looked like this when we visited him in the hospital last October. He was poop-ing that's why he was crying hehehe. But of course he is so much bigger now. His mom said he's wearing clothes for 9-12 months while he's only 6 months old.

Babies are so cute but they're so fragile. Penny asked me if I wanted to hold Paco but I was afraid I might hurt him. I'm not really comfortable carrying babies this small. No, no I'm no longer pressured to have a baby but I think we're ready to have one. :) I hope I don't jinx this having-a-baby thing by blabbing about it here in my blog.


Anna said...

Cris has baby craze. Heeheehee.

cris said...

Ohmygosh yes!!! You got me!! heeheehee!

Anna said...

Tama lang yan, mukhang ready na naman kayo eh!!!

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