Friday, April 23, 2010


I was channel surfing last night when I saw TGIS The Movie on PBO.

Ohmygosh! I was such a teenager! I can't believe I was so kilig to the TV show when I was in high school. And then watching the movie last night…blech! Hahaha I can't stand it! Is it because I've grown up and don’t find the cheesy lines kakilig? Even the petty fighting between the loveteams was soo..that's it petty! Oh to be young and in love. Although I must admit it was my first time to watch the movie last night (didn't even able to finish it). To which my husband said, "Di ka nakipili sa libo-libong nanood nyan?" hahahaha No, he didn't watch it too back then. He doesn't even remember why Ciara Sotto was in the movie.

Photo from here.


Anonymous said...

Bobby Andrews was my super crush back then. I really thought he and Angelu would end up together. I remember being surprised (yes, surprised, not disappointed) when Angelu got pregnant and it wasn't Bobby's kid daw. Haha :) - yza

Anna said...

hahaha eh the other week kaya I saw a trailer on TV - gimmick the movie ata or they're redoing gimmick the series, but they're all grown up na, sina Judy Anne and G Toengi and all. I followed TGIS too more than Gmik but (oh di ba, the spelling) but I gotta admit super naaliw rin ako when I saw they were doing Gmik all grown up version hahaha.

cris said...

@Yza, yes naalala ko yan..biglang what she's pregnant tapos hindi si Wacks ang ama! ahahaha!

@Anna, really? mala-90210 sa States na may remake? I watched both shows too pero parang mas kilig ako dati sa TGIS. at natawa ko sa spelling ha..talagang nanonood ka nga!

Anna said...

Hahaha! But mas TGIS fan ako before. But yes! I saw, mala-90210 na remake but same characters, only older. Swear!

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