Monday, May 24, 2010

6 Kids and a Puppy

The past weekend was spent with our families. Friday night we went to Bocaue and spent the rest of Saturday there. My husband's nephews and nieces were aplenty haha! There were kids everywhere.

Here's my soon-to-be goddaughter, Sam. She loves eating. Her "figure" doesn't show it but her past time is eating hahaha. Doesn't she look like a real princess?

And she also loves taking a bath.

And then there are brothers…this is Gab...

and his brothers, Renz and Ely.

Here are the brothers with Kyla, the elder sister of my Sam.

Here's David who is actually Joema's grandson already, he's only a few months old.

By Saturday night we went home to my parent's house and spent the entire Sunday there. They didn't have babies/kids there but they have their own baby – Queenie. Queenie's been at my parent's house since January of this year. Unlike Sam, she doesn't really like taking a bath hehe.

Here she is after being blow dried.

Well, hello us your cute face!

The heat's been insane but with these cuties around, it was bearable.

This coming weekend we'll probably stay at home to watch the Istanbul GP. Time to see those F1 cars again. Here's a trivia: ever wonder why F1 cars don't have projector headlights? Well, F1 cars don't have headlights, even when they do the Singapore night race, simply because the headlights will add weight to the car; thus, it's not an option due to the aerodynamic design of the car.

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