Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Like Water for Chocolate

This is one of my favorite books. I actually had two of these. I had one before then I thought I lost is so I asked it as one of the things in my Christmas wishlist. When I got the book for Christmas, the first one that I had just suddenly came out of nowhere. But when I got married I left them at our home in Antipolo, so when Ondoy came…well, you know the rest of the story. So I was so so happy when I saw this on the table of books with the 50% off mark in the recent Powerbooks sale!

This book is set in Mexico during the revolutionary war. There are 12 chapters representing the 12 months and in each month a recipe is interspersed in the telling of the story. The story revolved around Tita and her love for cooking among other things. It’s a very interesting story especially for us Filipinos because there are some “pamahiin” that are followed by Tita and her family so we can easily relate. There were also some “alamat” that were told that to some who are not so familiar with this concept will find it a little bit hard to believe. Aside from the recipes, this is a story of love. You will cry and be frustrated with Tita as you read the story. This is the book I brought in my first visit to Dr. Alfiler. I think I finished half of the book while waiting for my turn.

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Anna said...

uy. i have yet to read this. every time i see this book i keep saying i'll go back for it but i keep forgetting. shet mukhang maganda nga based on your review.

and hey - is powerbooks still on sale?!

cris said...

ako naman i want to see the movie! anyways, powerbooks is still on sale. we passed by their megamall branch yesterday and dami-dami pang books on sale even as low as P50!

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